[gull-annonces] Cours Conférence de Damian Conway: Taming Perl Regexes le 24 septembre 2012 à 19:30 à Beausobre (rappel)

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Cours Conférence de Damian Conway: Taming Perl Regexes
Page web : http://www.linux-gull.ch/GestionActiviteDocumentCoursPerlConway20120924.html
Intervenant : Damian Conway
Le : lundi 24 septembre 2012
Heure : 19:30
Lieu : Beausobre

Regexes are the weasels of the programming world: compact, immensely powerful, doggedly single-minded in their task, and with a nasty tendency to maul you, when and where you least expect it. And Perl regexes are the biggest, most powerful, and potentially meanest code weasels of all: wolverines in your source.

This talk demonstrates and explains a new Perl module (Regexp::Debugger) that helps tame unruly regexes by providing live interactive run-time visualizations of any regex in your code, as it matches. The debugger allows you to track capture variables, follow recursive subpattern matches, set break-points within a regex match, and even step backwards through the matching process to work out exactly where things started going so horribly wrong. 

La présentation sera donnée, en anglais, par Damian Conway (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damian_Conway), membre réputé de la communauté Perl, et qui travaille en particulier sur le design de Perl6.

L'entrée est gratuite pour les membres comme pour les non-membres du GULL. 


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