[linux-leman] Coup de main: 100 installs de Linux

Erik Rossen rossen at freesurf.ch
Tue Apr 15 13:57:20 CEST 2003

On Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 01:57:06PM +0200, Yann Forget wrote:
> Pour le contre-sommet du G8, du 28 mai au 3 juin prochain, il est prévu 
> d'installer une centaine d'accès Internet libre sur Genève, Lausanne et 
> Annemasse. Il serait souhaitable que ces ordis soient sous Linux. J'aurai 
> besoin d'un coup de main pour une installation clonée de Linux sur ces PCs.

Are you sure that you want to clone 100 PCs?  Would it not be easier to
run them as X-terminals attached to a few servers?  I have installed
LTSP (www.ltsp.org) a couple of times this way and it works quite well.
Very economical.

At the very least, you should be considering running all of these
machines from a CDROM distrib like Knoppix or DemoLinux.  Nothing to
install, just copy CDs.

By the way, are all of the machines identical?  How old are they?

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