[gull] From Manohar Jonnalagedda: Invitation and new email address

Manohar Jonnalagedda m_jonnalagedda at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 15 00:16:02 CET 2004

 A Friendly Invitation
Hey gull at lists.alphanet.ch,  

Manohar Jonnalagedda has invited you to sign up, so that you can send
FREE SMS (text messages) to each other:


Click here
lr78695wtl9x48k8htw30qc6m>  to accept your invitation now. 

If you are already registered with SMS.ac click here
v3s03lr78695wtl9x48k8htw30qc6m> .


 	 By sending emails to M4n0j0 at sms.ac, your friend will receive
your emails on his/her mobile phone.   You will get your own FREE
spam-free mobile email address* too when you accept your invitation
lr78695wtl9x48k8htw30qc6m> .	 
Your friend is waiting to hear from you. Have fun at the world's most
popular mobile community  -  SMS.ac!	 

- Manohar Jonnalagedda, and your friends at SMS.ac 
 	 This invitation was sent to gull at lists.alphanet.ch on behalf of
Manohar Jonnalagedda. 
If you do not wish to receive invitations from SMS.ac members, click on
the link below: 
 	 SMS.ac is a spam-free company. 	
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