[gull] google et le téléphone mobile

magnus anderssen magnus at magooweb.com
Tue Nov 6 12:34:33 CET 2007


Alors il n'y a pas eu d'annonce gphone...

Par contre, il y a le "open handset alliance" (The Open Handset Alliance™ is a
group of mobile and technology leaders who share this vision for changing the mobile
experience for consumers.).

Android™ will deliver a complete set of software for mobile devices: an
operating system, middleware and key mobile applications.
Android is built on the open Linux Kernel. Furthermore, it utilizes a custom virtual
machine that has been designed to optimize memory and hardware resources in a mobile
environment. Android will be open source;

open source, mais c'est dangereux ça, non?

-> http://www.openhandsetalliance.com/

le SDK sort le 12 courant.

L'avantage de cette approche pour google, c'est que greenpeace ne viendra pas casser
leur image "verte" en démontant leur téléphone. :-)


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