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Grossiord Yves yves.grossiord at laposte.net
Wed Sep 24 10:51:08 CEST 2008


On 2008 Sep 23, at 23:19, Leopoldo Ghielmetti wrote:
> Super, merci, ça marche.
> Par contre il ne semble pas avoir de l'effet si je l'ajoute dans
> apt.conf.


Slower updates of APT package index files

By default, the etch version of apt uses a new way to update APT  
package index files (when you run aptitude update) which downloads  
differences files (instead of the full package index file) called  
pdiff. This new feature should use less bandwidth and be faster for  
most systems. Unfortunately, it can also have the opposite effect of  
making the updates slower on systems with fast network connections (or  
a very nearby mirror) which are infrequently updated, as it might take  
more time for the system to merge the differences files than to  
download a full package index. It is possible to disable this feature  
by adding :

Acquire::Pdiffs "false";

to the /etc/apt/apt.conf configuration file.

This change mostly affects users of the unstable and testing branch of  
Debian GNU/Linux, due to the changing nature of these archives. Users  
of etch will notice this feature mainly when updating their package  
status for the security archive.

Cordialement, Yves.

> Il giorno lun, 22/09/2008 alle 17.10 +0200, Erik Rossen ha scritto:
>> Encore un petit teste: essaies
>> 	apt-get -o Acquire::PDiffs=false update
>> Le système "pdiff" est un peu foireux des fois...
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