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Nous ne sommes pas les seuls...     Paul

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   1.   Analysis of Estonia's e-voting system reveals -- a mess
      (Lauren Weinstein)
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Subject: [ NNSquad ] Analysis of Estonia's e-voting system reveals -- a mess

Analysis of Estonia's e-voting system reveals -- a mess


   "Estonia is the only country in the world that relies on Internet
    voting in a significant way for legally-binding national elections
    -- up to 25% of voters cast their ballots online. This makes the
    security of the system of interest to technologists and voters the
    world over. As international experts on e-voting security, we
    decided to perform an independent evaluation of the system, based
    on election observation, code review, and laboratory testing.
    What we found alarmed us. There were staggering gaps in procedural
    and operational security, and the architecture of the system
    leaves it open to cyberattacks from foreign powers, such as
    Russia. These attacks could alter votes or leave election outcomes
    in dispute. We have confirmed these attacks in our lab -- they are
    real threats. We urgently recommend that Estonia discontinue use
    of the system."

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What a non-surprise. But presumably Putin loves it.

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