[gull-annonces] CH-FSFE: 2004-09-12: Proposed change to the meeting in Neuchatel

Marc SCHAEFER schaefer at alphanet.ch
Wed Sep 8 15:01:04 CEST 2004


due to the weather uncertainty, the fact that there are really few
people coming to what was expected, the difficulty to find something
good and not too expensive and other problems, I propose to drop the
dinner and

   meet about 13:00 in Neuchâtel Railway Station

     I will be at the railway station under the big electronic timetable
     in the railway station hall from 12:45 until 13:10 (later if
     some trains are late) with a CH-FSFE pancarte and we will move
     in a somewhat grouped fashion to the designed location.

   info: if you want to come earlier, you can eat at the railway
         station, choices are MacDonald, a self-service, and the
         Alpes et Lac Restaurant in front of the railway station.
         However none of those were really adequate for eating and
         a meeting, unfortunately. You can also fetch a sandwich
         at the local aperto.
The designed location is a meeting room in the same building which I
rented to the Buffet Express/Merkur (to my company's cost, but it's
not very expensive) which we have for the afternoon.
There is capacity for about 10 people, or even more.

Parking space is available at the railway station directly, however it's
not that cheap if you don't have a valid SBB/CFF ticket.

Call me at 032 841 40 14 (let it ring, let it ring until I answer or you
get a combox) in case you have a problem.

This message will be sent to switzerland at fsfeurope.org, to
gull-annonces at alphanet.ch, to wilhelmtux-admin at wilhelmtux.ch,
and to the currently registered participants.

In this first meeting we could also discuss what to do for organizing
meetings: I had one proposal for a boat excursion including dinner
(possible to get reduction starting at 10 persons). However, this would
require approval by the participants because of the costs. Maybe for
casual meetings we don't need this.

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