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Johannes Wüthrich johannes at deragent.net
Sun Jan 29 19:44:07 CET 2012

In name of the organization committee of the Easterhegg 2012

Call for Participation - Easterhegg 2012

The Easterhegg is a relaxedconventionof fellow hackers at Easter. This 
year, this event will be held in Switzerlandfor the first time, more 
precisely in Basel. The participants are people from all around the CCC 
(Chaos Computer Club) and other chaos-relatedgroups.

We're looking for submissions ofeventsonchaos-allied topics such as:

* Creative use of technology
* Biometric and genetic data(e. g. biohacking)
* System and networksecurity
* Hackerspaces
* Energy and Smart-Grid
* Hacktivism, politics and lobbying
* Art with and around technology
* Public control and data retention
* Civic liberties in the digital age
* Privacy and freedom of speech
* Open government and open data

We don't only want to have speeches and lectures,but also workshops, 
contests, discussions or other chaos-related events. So we're looking 
for people eager to organise such an event.

Please submit all your offers for a lecture or event to the 
Pentabarfsystem athttps://cccv.pentabarf.org/submission/EH2012/. Please 
provide the following information along with your submission:

* What is it about?(Topic/Title)
* Why is your topic interesting for the audience? (Abstract)
* What is your engagement with the topic? (Description)
* What kind of location and how much time do you need?

On request,the WauHollandFoundation(http:// 
<http://www.wauland.de%29>www.wauland.de) <http://www.wauland.de%29>will 
cover expenses and charges of speakers and people who organize a workshop.

Wewould appreciateit if you would forward this Call for Participation to 
other chaos-alliedgroupsand communities.

More informations regarding the event will follow soon.In the 
meanwhile,if you have any questions,please contact orga at easterhegg.ch.

We're looking forward to welcomeyou in Basel at Easter.

Chaos Computer Club Schweiz i.G.
Verband der schweizerischen Chaostreffs

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