[FL14] courrier pour fairphone... c'est pareil que Jolla avec du sed avant

Cédric BRINER briner at infomaniak.ch
Wed Feb 12 22:28:27 CET 2014

Hello Mr. Mrs.

I'm contacting you today in the hope that you can lend us a Fairphone 
smartphone for our manifestation in Geneva named "Fêtons Linux − le 
libre en fête". This event promote free software, it is mean to a large 
public, it is free of charge for the visitors and it is a non-profit 
event organized by enthousiast volonteers. "Fêtons Linux − le libre en 
fête" will be holded at hepia on the 24 mai 2014.

For our fourth edition, our highlighted theme is on free software around 
mobile device ecosystem. For this, we'd be delighted if we could have a 
Fairphone (or more  ) with some promotional & informational material.

Furthermore, if you could lend it us for a month, we'll contact and will 
pass your phone to some high-tech journalists. That way, this will give 
you a chance that your product will have a post in their blog and/or a 
section in their journal. With this, a note will be added telling the 
public that our product will be at our event so that they can see & test 
the Fairphone phone.

This will be, I hope, a win-win situation.

Best regards.

For Fêtons Linux - le libre en fête

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