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Emmanuelle Germond emmanuelle at fetons-linux.ch
Thu Feb 13 20:45:00 CET 2014

J'ai fais une ou deux corrections, j'espère que c'est bon. J'ai essayé 
de rendre le texte plus fluide..... quand pensez-vous?
Ne pas oublier de mettre un lien à chaque mention de FL et de l'hepia.
Merci et à bientôt
Emmanuelle Germond

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Hello Mr. Mrs.

I'm contacting you today in the hope that you can lend us a Jolla 
smartphone for our manifestation in Geneva named "Fêtons Linux − le 
libre en fête". This event promote free software and /is meant/ for**a 
large public/. It's/ free of charge for the public and/is organized as 
a/ non-profit event by enthousiast volonteers. "Fêtons Linux − le libre 
en fête" will be /hold/ at the hepia on the 24 mai 2014.

For our fourth edition, /the main track/ is /FOSS/ in mobile device 
ecosystem. For this, we'd be delighted /to have /a Jolla (or more :) ) 
with some promotional & informational material /(in french if possible, 
or in a translatable medium). /

Furthermore, if you could lend it /to/ us for a month, we'll contact and 
pass your phone to some high-tech journalists. That way, it will give 
you a chance to/have a post about your product on their blog and/or a 
mention /in their/journa//l/. With this, a note will be added telling 
the public that your product will be at our event so that they can see & 
test the Jolla phone.

This will be, I hope, a win-win situation.

Best regards.

For Fêtons Linux - le libre en fête

Fêtons Linux: http://www.fetons-linux.ch
hepia: http://www.hepia.ch
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Emmanuelle Germond
pour Fêtons Linux <http://www.fetons-linux.ch>
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